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Installed Printers

16 million

Pages Printed

“It takes minutes to set it up on printers, and I can quickly see user activity and solve tech issues remotely. I love it, my technicians love it, and end-users love it.”

Eli Ben, Copytech

Cross Print

For Schools & Universities

Cut maintenance costs and put your university's
printing solution on autopilot with Cross Print.

Read case study

Read the case study

We offer...

Automated user onboarding.

Print from any device to any printer.

Online, 'birdseye view' dashboard.

Zero hardware or servers needed.

Cross Print plays nice with...

Set up hundreds of users
& printers in hours.

Installing Cross Print on a university printer takes minutes - zero hardware, servers, or excessive back-and-forths with IT staff needed.

We'll also send an automatic email to all enrolled students (up to 100,000!) so they can start printing to any connected printer from our mobile or web app.

Control payments with
integrated pay-for-print.

Instantly set pricing and start receiving payments. See user activity at a glance. Students can top up with credit/debit card and popular payment methods, see their balance, and check their print history.

Universities and end users love the freedom, and you'll love the drop in support requests.

Manage everything online- zero
hardware needed.

See everything at a glance - user activity, print quotas, and payment histories. Make changes with a few clicks.

You can also resolve most user issues without going on-site - saving you up to 80% in maintenance costs.

Print from anywhere to
any printer - anytime.

Students love an easy, hassle-free printing experience. Give it to them with printing via smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop - no matter where they are.

They can then pull-print from any Cross Print-installed university printer at anytime. They'll print more, and print more often.

See Cross Print in action

Fully - Encrypted

Universities have strict data privacy requirements. Cross Print is fully secured and encrypted by SSL protocol.

100% Scalable

Support your university as it expands its' users and printers - Cross Print's cloud-based software scales seamlessly.

Zero servers or hardware

No extra hardware, licenses, or complex infrastructure. Cross Print's simplicity saves you time and money.

Schools & Universities love it.

Before Cross Print, I spend 30% of my time on printer-related issues. Now, it's 0%. All I have to do is connect our printers to the network - that's it. No dependency on our existing infrastructure. Just convenient cloud printing, managed 100% remotely.

Peter Levy

IT Manager of Academic Center For Law & Science

Cross Print changed the way we work. I can install aprinter in 5 minutes and deliver it to my customers. Theycan use it on their own, while I can monitor and controleverything remotely. It's a huge time-saver, and our usersenjoy the printing experience.

Gavriel Haviv

Customer Support at Technoel Ltd.

Everything is clear with Cross Print. I have full access to all printing activity with the online dashboard - what students did, when, and where. This results in fewer technical problems, a better end printing experience, and an easier job for me!

Tamar Orley

Administrative Manager of Olive High School

Haifa University: A Case Study

Cross Print didn't just help Haifa University cut printing costs and offer students an intuitive printing experience. We also drastically reduced their service provider's maintenance hours and on-site technician visits.


Reduction in
service calls


technician visits

Since we started using Cross Print, Haifa University's end users have grown to 15,000+. It takes minutes to set it up on printers, and I can quickly see user activity and solve tech issues remotely. I love it, my technicians love it, and end-users love it.

Eli Ben, Copytech.

Read the case study

Set your University's managed
printing service to autopilot.

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