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Installed Printers

16 million

Pages Printed

“It takes minutes to set it up on printers, and I can quickly see user activity and solve tech issues remotely. I love it, my technicians love it, and end-users love it.”

Eli Ben, Copytech

Cross Print

For Business Offices

Cut maintenance costs and get full control over your office's printing with Cross Print.

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Cross Print offers...

Print from any device to any printer.

One dashboard for full printing control.

Easy installation and onboarding.

No hardware or IT staff needed.

Cross Print plays nice with...

Get set up within hours -
no training required

Cross Print is beautifully simple. Just install it on your printers and start printing almost immediately. No hardware, servers, or licenses needed. Users will be able to print from any device to any printer - without extra training.

Reduce costs, tech issues,
and IT maintenance

Just one, monthly payment for your entire printing solution. Cross Print drastically cuts down IT service callouts, paper waste, and troubleshooting - most of which can be handled remotely. Your client will love being able to solve most of their problems on-site.

Online dashboard for
remote management

Get control over user print activity, set monthly print quotas, and resolve issues without having to go on-site. It's intuitive and easy to use - even for non-technical staff. Cross Print offers more features than expensive legacy printing solutions, without the complexity or cost.

Print from anywhere to
any printer - anytime.

Employees are increasingly mobile. Adapt to their needs by allowing them to print via their smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop - no matter where they are. They can then pull-print from any connected office printer - at anytime.

Stable & Secure

Cross Print minimises technical issues and maximises security and privacy with SSL encryption.


No lengthy training or onboarding required. Cross Print is designed for intuitive use for everyone.

Affordable Printing

No extra hardware, licenses, or costly infrastructure. Just one, predictable monthly payment.

Zvia Network: A Case Study

Zvia Network transformed their printing with Cross Print. They went from a complex, unstable printing system resulting in frequent IT issues and employee dissatisfaction, to achieving complete control and efficiency with our intuitive cloud printing software.


Reduction in IT maintenance


Printer cost savings

"Cross Print has completely eliminated all staff complaints about the subject. The improvement in the atmosphere of our team felt extraordinary - it just changed everything. Cross Print gave us complete peace and substantial savings."

Rachel, Zvia

Read the case study

Get in control of your office's printing with Cross Print.

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