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Installed Printers

16 million

Pages Printed

“It takes minutes to set it up on printers, and I can quickly see user activity and solve tech issues remotely. I love it, my technicians love it, and end-users love it.”

Eli Ben, Copytech

Cross Print Reseller Program

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Become a Cross Print Reseller

Dealer or service provider? Join our reseller program!
We'll help you become more profitable and competitive with our cost-effective cloud MPS. And you'll receive the marketing materials, dedicated customers support and technical documentation you need to win your clients over.

Reduce service costs & maximise ROI

Zero hardware, licenses, or servers. Cross Print's cloud printing solution takes just hours to setup, and gives you a birds-eye dashboard to resolve technical issues remotely. In the process, you'll cut your maintenance costs by up to 40%.

Increase customer satisfaction & loyalty

Your customers and their users will love our 'print from anywhere to anywhere', BYOD software. They'll also love having full control with an online dashboard, and seamlessly scaling to new printers and users within hours.

Gain a competitive technological advantage

Powerful features like pay-for-print, print quotas, and BYOD printing give you an edge over the competition. 75% of organisations will adopt cloud printing by 2025, but many service providers still don't offer it. Cross Print will give you a headstart.

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Dedicated support

You will receive dedicated customer support for any issues before, during, or after installation of Cross Print.

Marketing materials

You'll receive access to our resellers portal with all the materials needed to explain and sell Cross Print to your clients.

Technical documentation

Full technical documentation included to make the onboarding process seamless for you and your clients.

Case Study - Copytech & Cross Print

Copytech were looking for a new MPS for their client, Haifa University. In partnering with Cross Print, they drastically cut their maintenance hours and on-site IT visits while gaining a significant technological advantage over the competition.


Reduction in service calls


Fewer technician visits

Since we started using CrossPrint, Haifa University's end users have grown to 15,000+. It takes minutes to set it up on printers, and I can quickly see user activity and solve tech issues remotely. I love it, my technicians love it, and end-users love it.

Eli Ben, Copytech.

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